High-pressure waterjet deburring

Combined with low-pressure processes for cleaning

Process-reliably and reproducibly deburred and cleaned parts are crucial for the quality of subsequent processes such as bonding, sealing and assembly as well as for perfect product function.

With the completely new system concept EcoCvelox, Ecoclean offers a highly flexible, modular solution for cost-efficient high-pressure waterjet deburring and cleaning in a single procedure. The process-dependent configurable and expandable machine with integrated linear transport system enables processing of parts with dimensions up to 200 x 200 x 200 mm cycle times of only 15 seconds per palette in the so-called one-piece flow.

EcoCvelox - The all-rounder for combined high-pressure water jet deburring with industrial component cleaning

An integrated CAD/CAM interface allows for quick and easy programming of the high-pressure deburring process – either with a single spindle or a high-pressure turret with up to five tools. In combination with an innovative system for parts handling, it ensures that process operations for new workpieces can be implemented in the shortest possible time.

Component cleaning and drying can be carried out by means of injection flood washing, spraying, controlled rinsing and ultrasound, as well as high-speed blowing and vacuum drying. The system can be loaded automatically with a robot or portal system as well as manually.

Single Piece Cleaning

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